Anonymous said: I think I am starting to like this guy and I think he likes me back but I am not sure. He and I have an inside joke where we just wink at each other all the time. Or we just make the craziest faces at each other. He is the guy that I can be my absolute self with. And I love it. But I found out one of my friends kissed him not too long ago. And she likes him. Me and her aren't too close. But still friends. I don't want her hate me. What should I do? And how do i know if he likes me? Thanks!

Okay, you both like him but the question here is, which girl does he like. Try to hint out that you like him also cause’ he might just be confused. Ask him if he’s in a relationship or if he likes anyone, he might get the clue but just have hope. Also, does he go round kissing random girls? Something to think about! Best wishes x

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Anonymous said: I found out that I might have breast cancer and I don't know what to do, everyone will judge me if I tell anyone. So I have no one. What do i do?

Sweetie, no one will judge you but you need to address someone about it. Trust me, it will help. There is nothing to judge you about in a case like this and there is nothing to be afraid of hun. Don’t let yourself be in pain cause’ you’re afraid of the world judging you and you are not even sure yet. Just hope for the best and tell your closest mate and obviously your parents/guardians should be the first to know. Best wishes sweetie. xx

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Anonymous said: My boyfriend was nervous to hug me until yesterday. Which was 4 days into our relationship. And I feel like I didn't hug him how I should've. But, he's like an inch shorter than me. Is there like a certain way I should hug him? I'm just really nervous myself.

Honey, I wouldn’t worry too much, like he wasn’t ready till 4 days after, you’re probably just not ready yet, but it’s cool. Just hug him  like you mean it and whatever way you feel comfortable cause if like an awkward hug and you don’t where to put your arms just before you do, like when someone goes for a handshake and you go for a hug and then you swap and it just awkward, that awkwardness, don’t let that come. Obviously you guys aren’t going to shake hands but hopefully you get my point. If you feel awkward hugging him in a position you are not comfortable with, he’s going to know and feel it. I don’t think the height should be a problem or get in the way and it’s only been 4 days, sweetie, give it some time. These things do take time. Best wishes. x

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Anonymous said: i dated this guy last year, then i moved to England &we both dated other people, now i'm back& i broke up with the guy i dated &he's still with this girl. &we've just been really close &cuddly lately &last night he was really nice to me &we cuddled up &watched a movie. i have no idea what to do because i'm getting feelings for him again. he still has his girlfriend but they always fight &he always talks about dumping her. please help i have no idea what to do i'm starting to really like him :(

Okay, first of all, you would not like it if your boyfriend was getting all cuddly with another girl cause you two were always fighting and he couldn’t break up with. And saying he’s going to break with her, isn’t going to cause anything to happen, he needs to if he wants to rather than leading her on. Everyone deserves to be happy. And you should keep your distance in that way until he’s single, would you like it if you were in her shoes? I think not! If he doesn’t want to be with her, you tell him to do something about it and you be strong, be a woman and tell him what you two are doing is wrong if he’s still in a relationship. And I know all that happened was watching a movie and cuddling, and to you that may not be a big deal, but what if you walked into your boyfriend doing that to say, your best girl friend?! I think my point is clear. Best wishes x

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Anonymous said: I'm in a relationship we love each other but I really really want him to kiss me like really kiss me he always gives me sweet incontestable little kisses but all I want is for him to is kiss the hell out of me what do I do

You calm yourself down, hun cause’ he’s probably not ready or either that getting no reaction from you. Or better still, just kiss him the way you wanna be kissed but just calm down. I’m sure he’ll come around. Maybe you need to put your input, he may feel like he’s getting nothing back. Just work on it, you’ll be fine. Best wishes x

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Anonymous said: A few weeks ago I was asked out by this boy. I politely declined because I don't feel the same way. After school I saw all this stuff he put on Instagram saying I love you, we should date and tagged my name in them. Then he liked all my pictures. It stopped but my best friend and this girl that gossips started getting involved and they're in a different class!! The two were kiking the boy about how to get me to go out!! If I were to ever do that to them I'd be dead. How can I make this better?

Well, if you don’t like it, you tell them to stop straight up and keep your distance. Don’t get into a massive thing about it, you do your thing and let them do whatever and since they’re only getting him to ask you out, if he does and you don’t want to, you just say “no”. And since it’s your best friend doing this, you tell her to stop, that’s not what a friend would and make it it clear to her you don’t like him in that way and just carry on. There is nothing really you can do t make it better but just move on and show you’re not bothered by it. Seriously, just tell to stop and carry on living your life and let them play cupid cause’ unless you like him which you don’t seem to and there is nothing wrong with that, they’re all gonna be missing their target. Hope that helps. best wishes xx

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Anonymous said: So this guy kind of asked me out and made sexual jokes and casually asked if I had a boyfriend and stuff but he just told me he has a thing with another girl? What the hell do I do? I really like him.. Why would he ask me out and stuff?

"Kind of" asked you out? And then asked if you had a boyfriend? Honey, don’t get me wrong, but are you sure he has you out cause if he did and then he tells you he has a thing with another girl, then that’s something to worry about. All that could have just been a friendly thing cause’ lets be real, friends do that nowadays. Best thing to do, just move on, and see if he comes round. But don’t mess with him if he’s got another girl’ cause you wouldn’t like it either. He’s not the only guy you’re going to come across. Best wishes x

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Anonymous said: I'm close friends with a boy I very like. I don't want to like him though, but I'm not restricting myself either. Idak. I always tell myself that I'm just going to hurt myself if I fall. He even tells me he likes this girl! One question though. All of my friends say he likes me, he's just hiding it. The way he acts around me and all that other stuff, but how should I know?

Just give him some space and time and have hope. Just go with flow and since you’re not forcing yourself to like him but not restricting yourself, it should be okay. And try just seeing the difference yourself, see how he is around you compared to other girls. I would personally say, don’t let any people come in-between cause’ that always seems to cause a problem and at the end of the day, relationships are between two people, not three. hope that helps. best wishes xx

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Anonymous said: ok so theres this guy that i really really really like and we literally dont stop talking to each other and he says im pretty and cute and stuff, and everyone says he likes me but im afraid that he says stuff like that to everyone and thats why i always say he doesnt like me. but i have this ray of hope that he does because he always tells me that he doesnt know if he really likes someone (he doesnt say who) and i really want to know if that person is me

If you know that he says stuff like that to other girls, then that’s something to worry about but if it’s you just thinking that, then give him the benefit of the doubt cause’ he at least deserves that. If you guys are mature enough, you should be able to discuss this. Ask him to be honest with you, if you have to, tell him you like him but don’t be disheartened if he says no, cause’ at least he knows that way and sometimes guys can back out if they feel to be put on the spot or unsure but just carry on a friends and don’t make it awkward. If you don’t want to approach him, just give him some space, he could be just confused. It happens. Hope that helps. Best wishes xx

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Anonymous said: Me and this guy have been seeing each other for a couple of weeks and it was going well until people found out at school and they were telling me how he isn't a good person and i told them about how he has changed but no one believed me. Since everyone found out he has become really withdrawn not replying to my texts and if he does its really different, do I give up and prove everyone else that they were right or do I carry on waiting and pretending like it will be okay? HELP :)

You confront him and you find out the truth, if he has been doing anything dodgy or not. And if he really has changed then you just carry on with it, as you both were. People are judging him by his past and not how he is now but first you should find out what it is that’s not good about him and has he been doing it. If not, then you and him and proved everyone wrong and just carry on, they don’t need to know that, you don’t need to tell them, you show them. Comfort him, tell him it’s okay. It’s your life, let people think whatever and if you know for sure he’s changed then try to get in contact with him. But seriously, confront him, it’s the best thing to do, you’d rather hear the truth from him than anyone else. Best wishes xx

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